Other Services

Sometimes, we just need a little extra help.  If that's the case, here are a few other services that we can provide:

  • Resume Resources
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profile and Searching Help
  • One On One Coaching


Resume Services

When you know that your resume could be better, a Resume Review from a more educated eye is what you need.  I will gather some information from you and give you the feedback you need to create a resume that gets results!

If you need more help, select an Advanced Resume Review and we will meet to discuss what you need and then I will make the changes.  We will meet a second time for any fine tuning and you will have a resume that is ready to send!

If you don't have a resume and don't know where to start, select Write My Resume For Me.  We will meet to discuss your needs and I will send you a first draft.  We will meet 2 more times to do any needed fine tuning and you will have a resume that is ready to go!

We can also help with Cover Letters as well - just ask for that specific service.


Request Your Resume Review $100 Request Your Advanced Resume Review $175 Request Your Write My Resume For Me $275

Cover Letters

More and more companies are requiring Cover Letters to accompany your Resume and Application.

Often, writing a Cover Letter can feel awkward and as though you're just repeating yourself.

If you need help, we will meet to discuss the roles you are targeting and I can create a generic template for those types of roles as well as direction on how to modify for each application.

Once we create a Cover Letter for you, making modifications for a specific role with a Rewrite can be done for a reduced fee.


Request Your Cover Letter - $150 Request Rewrite Cover Letter Rewrite - $75

LinkedIn Profile Review 
LinkedIn Search String Creation

 LinkedIn is most likely going to be your most powerful professional branding tool.  If you need to turn up the heat and get more of the right attention, we can tweak your profile so that you're getting noticed.

Also, if you need help increasing your network and finding the right people to connect, we can write a search string to find you amazing professionals to invite into your network.

Request Your LinkedIn Profile Review - $100 Request Your LinkedIn Search String

Bundle Savings


Save when you want to add multiple services together to create your perfect Job Search Package

Bundle Advanced Resume Review + Create Cover Letter - $275 Bundle Adv Resume Review + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile - $350 Bundle Create My Resume For Me + Initial Cover Letter - $350 Bundle Create My Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile - $450

One On One Coaching

Do you feel as though you just need one on one attention?  Do you need to ask your questions and have them answered in real time?

We do offer One on One Coaching to help you past the difficult obstacles.  We will schedule a time to talk and work through those challenges.

Request One On One Coaching - 1 Hour - $100 Request One On One Coaching - 2 Hours - $190 Request One On One Coaching - 3 Hours - $270 Request One On One Coaching - 4 Hours - $340 Request One On One Coaching - 5 Hours - $400 Request One On One Coaching - 10 Hours - $750

Custom Packages

Do you need something unique or a special combination of packages?

Contact me at [email protected] and we can tailor just what you need and pay here.


Custom Package Pricing Tailored Just For You

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