What is the REAL cost of searching for a job?

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2018

The real cost of searching for a job is the money that you could be earning if you had that job. If you’re unemployed, that’s a big chunk of change. If you are still working, are they paying you what you’re worth?

This post is not meant to depress you. It’s meant to light a fire under you, a fire that will keep you going all of the way to your dream job.

I know that searching for a job can be hard. Putting yourself out there, applying for job after job, waiting for some sign, not getting called back, getting your hopes up, getting rejected. Why would anyone do this unless they have to? #jobsearch

Because if you’re not already thinking about your next job, you’re probably losing a LOT of money as well as a lot of time to getting to your dream career.

Let’s do the math. For simplicity, let’s figure you’re making $26,000 / year. You’re making $500 per week, $100 per day. (By the way, there are 2080 hours per standard work...

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Top 10 Resume Mistakes

job search resume Jan 04, 2018

What are the Top 10 Resume Mistakes that are likely to get your resume tossed?

Here's an informative (and hopefully funny) list of common resume mistakes that are likely to not move you forward to an interview.

If you want to know what you SHOULD put on your resume - click HERE.

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The 10 Things That You Must Always Never Do On Your Resume

job search resume Jan 03, 2018

Over the years resume expectations have evolved.  Where there used to be a simple, cookie cutter formula for your professional dossier, there are now no boundaries to what can be created.  There exists the possibility to craft just about anything under the sun.  From a resume meant to catch the eye of Amazon to another meant to catch the eye of, well, someone else, I guess.  Considering this, I find it amusing there are still articles that include absolutes regarding what you should and should not do.  I believe that the topic du jour is eliminating the “Career Objective” category.  Oh, and if you’re still taking up space with “References provided upon request”, that topic is long gone.  In my opinion, if you are new to the workforce, those 4 words can add a nice balance at the end.  No, it doesn’t really add anything to the substance, but if you aren’t worried about space, it won’t hurt either.

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