Guiding Companies To Their Dream Candidates

Guiding Job Seekers To Their Dream Career



Linda Marak 

(aka the Candidate Whisperer)

Linda founded Purple Squirrel / Candidate Whisperer because she is vested in helping candidates reach their full potential in their career.

Linda has worked with some of the most exciting companies in the world and has been instrumental in helping her teams to find the diamonds in the rough, the needles in a haystack.  A candidate is so much more than just a list of skills.

Wanting to help others, Linda has taken 15 years of hiring experience and created online classes and coaching to help job seekers realize their dream careers.  With this structured, step by step approach, every job seeker can see real improvement in their job search.

Our Classes

While every Job Seeker is unique, we all face the same obstacles. Our 3 main classes are:

  • Your FIRST Best Job
  • Your Best NEXT Job
  • Your Best INTERNSHIP (coming Spring 2023)

We also offer Individual Training in each of these classes, though on a very limited basis due to the time intensive nature of this format.

More Information about Classes

(Future) Monthly Coaching Groups

There are times that we all need a little help, a little encouragement to keep us on track. This is an important piece of everyone's job search process so we have a Monthly Coaching program to keep us all motivated and excited. And, because the regular activities that different groups need vary, we've broken this out into different categories:

  • Your Best NEXT Job
  • Graduates
  • College Students

And yes, even College Freshmen can be working towards their dream career. This is an investment in your future, if you invest more today you will reap greater rewards by the time you graduate.

More Information about Monthly Coaching

Our Other Services

There are times when we need just a little more guidance or specialized attention. For this reason we offer a few things that can help to get you over an obstacle. These have been the most requested services over the years:

  • Resume Review
  • LinkedIn Profile Review
  • LinkedIn Search String Creation
  • One on One Coaching

If there is something else that you need, please contact us at [email protected]

More Information about our Other Services

"For career advice, Linda is in a league of her own. Imagine being able to talk to the lead recruiter for the job of your dreams, and having that recruiter tell you exactly what you need to do, step by step, to be selected. That recruiter is Linda and her passion in life is to help you achieve your career goals. She genuinely wants to help everyone she is involved with take on the right mentality, and have the understanding and tools to reach their professional dreams. The first decade of my career, I attended career seminars, read career self-help books, and hired more than 1 career coach. Two years ago I started working with Linda and I was shocked by how easily she summarized 10 years of career advice and also corrected and expanded on the information in ways I had never thought about before. Since working with Linda, I have switched industries and I am very close to landing my exact dream job. It's going to take some more time and effort on my part but I understand exactly what I am doing to prepare. Each day now has added meaning and excitement because I am making my dreams a reality. Linda has been invaluable in helping me plan and execute my real dream career and I know she can do it for anyone who is willing to learn and put in the effort. I cannot recommend Linda highly enough!"

Chris P
Data Warehouse Architect

"I struggled in my job search with too many options and not enough clear choices. Working with Linda has been fantastic to help me to be clear about what I want from my career and to identify the steps that I need to get there."

Alejandro O
General Manager

"I can honestly say that if it hadn't been for Linda, I wouldn't be where I am today. ;-) "

Linda M
Career Coach


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