Our Monthly Group Coaching

Your career will span your lifetime and it's helpful
to have regular reminders to stay focused and to stay on track. 
Our 6 main Coaching Groups are:

  • Your NEXT Best Job
  • Graduates
  • College Seniors
  • College Juniors
  • College Sophomores
  • College Freshmen


This Monthly Coaching Group will focus on professionals who are already out in the workforce.  The coaching will cover topics that are important to stay focused on a dream career, the next important steps and making sure that you're still on the right path.  This is an opportunity to ask questions as well as listen to others who are focused on their dream as well.

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This Coaching Group is for those new professionals, the ones who have just graduated and don't have much (or any) experience.  Each month we'll be focusing on a topic that covers issues this group faces to getting started with that first job, that first company.  This is the launching point of your career - let's make it a solid start!

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This Coaching Group is for those who are about to graduate.  If you will be finishing school in 1 - 2 semesters, you will want to focus your efforts on securing a role before you graduate.  Going to school AND searching for a job can be overwhelming so we will focus on leveraging your networks to your advantage.

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The Monthly Coaching for College Juniors group will be addressing how to set yourself up for your last year of school.  There is that very important last summer to gain an internship and it's never to early to start networking.

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College Sophomores are solidifying what they want for their career.  Some may still be contemplating their future, so this Monthly Coaching Group will be exploring what you can do with different degrees and also lining up early internships.

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Even as a Freshman, you can begin exploring careers.  What does the daily life of a _____ look like?  We will be building our networks and discovering all that the world has to offer.  It's not too early to get started!

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